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Welcome to Rhea Lana's of Tacoma! I'm Josie, a married, mother of two (18 and 7) in a blended family. We moved to Tacoma 9 years ago from Olympia.

The economy shifted when my daughter was born and I learned many ways to buy her clothing, toys and other necessities at great prices, but consignment is by far my favorite - best value for the time. It's not simply buying at a fraction of retail, but also selling everything that is still in exceptional condition for another child to use and love.

This system cycles money and goods through our families and community so that everyone benefits!!

Rhea Lana's has high standards for the quality of merchandise that we accept. You won't be searching for diamonds in the rough. You'll be deciding on how many amazing gems to buy!!

Also, when you consign, we guarantee that we will keep track of your items, or they will be reimbursed. You get to track your sales live throughout the event. And no waiting for your money! Consignors' checks with detailed inventory reports are available on Pick Up Day, immediately after the sale.

Rhea Lana is a mom who lives in Conway, AR, and began her business there 20 years ago. When her children were small she realized there was a great need for moms to sell their children's clothes for a fair price - and to buy excellent quality children's clothing at affordable prices. She has instilled a touch of class within this business with special care in quality products and exceptional service.

It brings us great joy to be able to provide this opportunity to Tacoma!

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If you have questions, please contact me about the Tacoma event. Write me at or call/text 253-948-8822.

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